What is Mountebank?

As per mbtest.orgĀ "_mountebank is the first open source tool to provide cross-platform, multi-protocol test doubles over the wire. Simply point your application under test to mountebank instead of the real dependency, and test like you would with traditional stubs and mocks_"

In short mountebank is a open source service virtualisation tool . Mountebank uses imposters to act as on demand test doubles. Hence our test cases communicate to Mountebank and mountebank responds back with relevant stubs as defined.

How to Setup Mountebank ?

Installation can be done via two methods


Mountebank can be installed as a npm package. Node.js should be installed for this option to work

<code>npm install -g mountebank</code>

Self contained Installation file

OS Specific installation file can be downloaded fromĀ Download

Note: Please read through the windows path limitation mentioned in above link