I was not active in this blog over past one month due to multiple reasons - both personal and professional. Following are some highlights over past one month.

ISTQB Test Automation Engineer

As mentioned in previous post, I had a chance to attend ANZTB SIGiST conference in August 2017. There were some good talks about various certifications offered by ISTQB/ANZTB. ISTQB Test Automation Engineer was one among them. I decided to give that a try . Spend some time over past one month to prepare based on the syllabus and I gave it a shot. Fortunately, I passed the exam with good marks

Traffic to blog

I had an interesting observation when I looked into google analytics for the blog. The traffic to this blog has grown over ten times compared to previous months. I analyzed the data and found that my blog and github repo for mountebank examples are mentioned in mountebank website. This resulted in having more traffic to the blog. I hope others are also benefitted from my experience with mountebank and the tutorial which I have in this blog. Hopefully, this will give me the motivation to write more.