Most crucial factor for effectively learning a programming language are below.

  • Having hands own experience
  • Having a structured learning path
  • Having a mentor to guide and review the code.

I was recently looking to learn more about javascript and came across offer a solution for all above factors and is free of cost

All language track will have a series of exercises starting with very basic hello world program and then moving to complex concepts. User should download the exercise , which will have a failing test suite. Once we implement the code and ensure test cases are now passing , we can submit the code for mentor review. Mentors review the code and suggest better ways of doing it, if any. will prevent us from jumping ahead and force to complete one exercise before moving to next one. This actually helps to follow a structured learning path .

Some of the language track doesn’t support Mentored mode initially . For those tracks, user can join in practise mode and then move on to mentored mode.